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Ethics & Bribery Control



Do you accept financial liability for your service?

Yes. Under the terms of our certification, we are legally bound to accept a certain amount of liability for substandard work on our part that results in loss. The exact terms can be found in your service agreement. Please contact us for any specific questions regarding liability.

How can I trust TTS to be ethical?

TTS has published a Code of Ethics (hereinafter “the Code”) that provides clear direction to employees in all areas of their daily business activities. All employees, managers and executives are responsible for assuring that compliance remains a vital component of our business process. We ensure that the principles embodied in the Code are implemented throughout our internal Quality System processes, procedures, and audits. Supported by rich knowledge and experience in the field, and benefiting from over 500 staff members, TTS is dedicated to helping our customers meet all their Quality, Safety and Ethical Standards to support their supply chain in the global marketplace. If you wish to obtain a copy of our Code of Ethics, please contact us.

How do you control bribery issues?

We have a dedicated compliance department that handles matters related to ethics and bribery. This group has developed and implemented an anti-bribery control system modeled on the system used by USA financial institutions under banking regulations.

This robust ethics program includes the following features to assist in mitigating instances of bribery:

Inspectors are full-time employees paid at above market rates

We have a zero tolerance anti-bribery policy
Initial and continuing ethics education
Regular analysis of inspector AQL data
Incentives for reporting violations
Unannounced inspection audits
Unannounced inspector audits
Periodic rotation of inspectors
Fully transparent investigations
If you wish to obtain a copy of our ethics policy, please contact us today.

What should I do if I suspect bribery?

It goes without saying that issues of bribery will surface from time to time. TTS is very proactive, with a zero-tolerance policy, concerning bribery and serious lapses in ethics. If you ever suspect any of our staff of a breach of trust, we encourage you to contact your coordinator immediately, providing all details available to support your conclusions. Our quality assurance team will immediately launch a comprehensive investigation. It is a transparent process in which we keep you informed throughout. If it should prove true and resulted in loss to you, TTS accepts liability under the terms spelled out in your service agreement. We work very hard to avoid these issues, and our robust ethics policy sets the industry standard. We would be happy to provide additional information if you request it.